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  1. Yes, sizes are correct. This is on all campaigns, even one's that have been active for a few years now. And when you look at a banner itself, it shows the zone correctly, it just does not show the zone screen in the campaign itself. I'm used to adding a campaign, then choosing a zone next, etc. The screen disappeared. Ideas? Jim A.
  2. yes, in the campaign that has 5 banners in it, i cannot get the linked zones screen to show the zone to choose from and the one's that are live. Very hard to navigate without the screen.
  3. not yet, this is during the setup. setup advertiser, website, zones, then goto to that advertiser and setup the first campaign. After the campaign is setup, normally I can click linked zones and choose the zone that campaign goes to. Now, when I look, the column on the left, which normally shows all the zones I can choose from, is blank, even though all the zones are in the adserver. I'm baffled. Thanks for responding Andrew Jim Atkinson
  4. Always in the past, when a campaign is setup, I can choose "linked zones" and it show the list on the left and chosen zones on the right. The table on the left and right are now empty. If I open a banner, it still shows what zone it's being served to. This happened after we update last week. Ideas? Jim Atkinson/3WK
  5. So, do iframe tags work within an ssl page? That is usually what we use. Jim Atkinson/3WK.COM/ClassicalMusicAmerica.com Owner/Program Director
  6. I'm sure the answer is somewhere. I didn't see it. Moving to ssl. Do we need to do anythig to ReviveAdserver? I know the 3rd party code can't be http: from banner companies. But, will Revive generate new tags to use on our ssl site? Thanks Erik. I hope you're well. Jim Atkinson/3WK.COM Onwer
  7. It probably doesn't exist, but as adblockers can be detected... Is there code that I could place in Revive Adserver invocation code that sniffs out if someone is using an Adblocker, then serve them a particular banner companies ads that have been approved by Adblockerplus? Thank you. Jim Atkinson
  8. How would we implement the subdomains inside Revive Adserver? An overview? Thanks Erik. Jim Atkinson
  9. Erik: We run ads thru: https://sso.openx.com/ it's a Marketplace. And the instance url is at us-market.openx.com. I'd think that's Openx Marketplace. We get checks from them every month. I was only pointing them out in that they're the one's that mentioned the domain issue. Thanks again Erik. Jim Atkinson
  10. Openx Marketplace. I'm sorry I mispoke Erik. can we have multiple subdomains served on one revive adserver. we are very happy hosting it ourselves as we've done the last 10 years. Thanks Erik. Jim Atkinson
  11. We have a Revive Adserver installed that we rotate and serve third party ads onto multiple websites. I'm told by our tech people that in apache , we can setup one website, that responds to multiple URL's. ex. banners.site1.com banners.site2.com all point to the webspace /var/reviveadserver/ Such that whatever website exists inside of /var/reviveadserver/ is called when any of the above addresses are requested. We'd like when ads are served that the server at (example) openx marketplace sees the actual website domain, say site1.com instead of our reviveadserver that's on another domain. We're told by OpenxMarket this is what their buyers need to buy ads comfortably. I hope I asked this clearly. I run the adserver, but I'm not the tech person here. How do we accomplish this with Revive Adserver? Jim Atkinson/3WK.COM
  12. Erik: Sorry about the K. Actually my cats name is Erik with a K. Erik with a K was the 1st guy who hired me in radio. I fixed the issue. Turned out Sovrn had a little radio button when you grab their tags that said " Opt-In for Geo Location (readers on mobile devices only)". I'd left it turned on. It was not turned on on my other sites. Thanks so much Erik. You're always helpful, and I'm so glad you're still there. Jim Atkinson
  13. Eric: What is the option that turns off sharing? I found it a couple months ago and thought I'd turned if off everywhere in our adserver. And the other site we have on that server does not have the message, so I'd say the server is not compromised. Could it be something in the webserver setup that the site we have the banners running on? I'll doublecheck the banner 3rd party codes but I believe they're the same types as what we have on our other sites. Thanks Eric. Jim Atkinson
  14. We have Revive Adservers that host banners for 4 sites. On only 1 of the sites, on mobile devices in Chrome and Firefox, visitors get a message: Share your location with net97banners.3wk.com? Only this 1 site gets this message and all 4 instances of ReviveAdserver are set up identically. I did find something about this in help a couple months ago and fixed it. How can I fix this? Anxious to hear from you. Jim Atkinson/Net97/3WK.COM
  15. As more and more people are using Ad Blocking software, what is Revive Adserver doing to get around this. I've read that there are possibly ways. Can the tags we use be altered in some way? Thanks. Jim Atkinson/3WK.COM
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