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Hi Revivers!

I think it would be great to have cookieless conversion tracking (post click and post view) --> Revive Adserver would have to generate an user specific view and click ID, that can be given to the parameter of an ad-picture-URL or target-URL, which can be then stored by the advertiser. A simple image link can than be given to the advertiser, the advertiser calls the link and passes back the ID, Revive Adserver can now create a conversion in its statistics. 
I think it's important to have this feature because it would allow cookieless conversion tracking! 



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Actually I have something in mind like this:

Zanox the biggest affiliate network in europe is offering for publisher to add own values to their tracking links:

Zanox now stores the value of "zpar0=" and can pass it back to you - but only when a sale happened after clicking the tracking link (usually 30days post click tracking).

You can define a server side tracking URL on your own in their user interface and can put a placeholder into your own definied parameter in order to get your own value back. You'll find a screenshot attached.

Actually I think affiliate is not the only business were this would come in handy. 


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Post View Tracking for S2S/Post back:

Post view tracking ,once banner displayed/viewed it will generate unique transaction_id.

For Post back click based S2S conversion,we will send transaction_id into advertiser destination URL as like   https://ad.zanox.com/ppc/534324380934?zpar0=jgejhwqgehgqwhqwe when banner get clicked.

Can you share your Skype im or email for future communication.

My Skype IM - djaxadserver

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