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Found 5 results

  1. I am trying to set up the conversion tracking by hitting the "Variables" button inside the "Tracker" area. However, after filling out the variables and I hit "Save", I get an error message saying "You don't have access to that page. You have been re-directed.". Then I get re-directed to the home page. By the way, why doesn't it say in the guide what variables to choose? It doesn't say anything about which tracker type is better for which advertiser etc. Would be nice if you could make it more newbie-friendly.
  2. Hi guys/dear community, I'm a newbie user of Revive Adserver but I have a good experience as developer and bizdev on online advertising business. I'm evaluating to move my adserving solution to revive mostly due to customization options and possibilities, but I'm facing the following issue: - most of my campaigns are CPS (cost-per-sale) so, I'd like to use a tracker to track conversions. CPA campaigns are integrating revenue (rev=#conversions * CPA value) but in case of CPS aren't. Networks are using pixelback (server-2-server call) to report conversion + commission amount. I'm planning to write a plugin to read this revenue value from a specified var in tracker and calculate total revenue, am I on the right way for this ? is there any easiest way to fullfill this feature ? I've found a lack of documentation to write plugins that doesn't help me in this issue thank you guys for your help in advance.
  3. Hi, trying to figure out why conversion is not working, i’m seeing the following in tamper: Set-Cookie=_OXLIA[13]=deleted; expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:01 GMT; path=/ %5FOXLIA%5B13%5D=deleted; expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:01 GMT; path=/ **** …the date shows 1970. thinking maybe this is the cause. can’t seem to figure out why it’s saying this date and where to fix this. thanks
  4. Hi Revivers! I think it would be great to have cookieless conversion tracking (post click and post view) --> Revive Adserver would have to generate an user specific view and click ID, that can be given to the parameter of an ad-picture-URL or target-URL, which can be then stored by the advertiser. A simple image link can than be given to the advertiser, the advertiser calls the link and passes back the ID, Revive Adserver can now create a conversion in its statistics. I think it's important to have this feature because it would allow cookieless conversion tracking! Thanks Ben
  5. The data of the conversion tracking is save in the rv_data_intermediate_ad_connectio table. I see that in this table there are a lot of column like tracker_browser. the conversion tracking pixsl is like this: http://www.mysite.com/www/delivery/ti.php?trackerid=1 Is there a way to insert to the database more info with the ti.php something like: http://www.mysite.com/www/delivery/ti.php?trackerid=1&tracker_browser=ff
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