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Changing the Coode


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Revive Adserver delivers the Google AdSense code unaltered. All it does is deliver an additional snippet of code to the browser, known as a 'listener' that attempts to recognize that a click has happened on that AdSense ad. Since the code is not altered, there is no reason even even wonder what Google's opinion on that might be.

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This is from Google  take note of the last bit of info


To verify that your AdSense code has been properly implemented, first, open your site in a browser and view the source code (select 'View' then 'Source' or 'Page Source'). Next, compare the AdSense code in your page source with the code from your AdSense account. Your ads may not appear if you see any of these issues:

  • The AdSense code does not appear in its entirety
  • The code displays all on one line
  • The code has extra HTML tags within it
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No extra HTML tags or code is added in the AdSense code. All Revive Adserver does is add (after the ad itself) an additional bit of code known as the listener (as described in my previous reply).

Don't worry, thousands of sites have been displaying their AdSense tags via Revive Adserver for more than a decode, and I have never heard of any problems coming from that.

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