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  1. This is from Google take note of the last bit of info To verify that your AdSense code has been properly implemented, first, open your site in a browser and view the source code (select 'View' then 'Source' or 'Page Source'). Next, compare the AdSense code in your page source with the code from your AdSense account. Your ads may not appear if you see any of these issues: The AdSense code does not appear in its entiretyThe code displays all on one lineThe code has extra HTML tags within it
  2. Does anyone know of Google's Official stance on Adservers and the installation of click tracking code withing the Adsense code?
  3. Since Google Adsense is the 800lb Gorilla in the Ad Network Room for small Publishers. We must understand How to Use it and improve the results
  4. The Problem I am currently having is in the statistics. Why is the Adserver showing 522 Ad Impressions and for the same period Google shows My Impressions at 24. I need Help with This. I need to be able to at least get close on the reconciliation. Thanks Greg .
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