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No Emails - "reports Disabled For Advertiser"


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Hello all,


Please, can someone tell me why I don't receive emails?


Here is my report : 


Mar 01 00:01:16 +0100 OX-maintenance-5311153b87e1b [    error]  OX_Maintenance_Statistics_Task_ManageCampaigns->run:    - Reports disabled for advertiser ID 107.
                           on line 133 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OA/Email.php"
                           on line 56 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OA/Email.php"
                           on line 1545 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OX/Dal/Maintenance/Statistics.php"
                           on line 52 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OX/Maintenance/Statistics/Task/ManageCampaigns.php"
                           on line 48 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OA/Task/Runner.php"
                           on line 209 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OX/Maintenance/Statistics.php"
                           on line 140 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OX/Maintenance.php"
                           on line 105 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OX/Maintenance.php"
                           on line 62 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OA/Maintenance/Auto.php"
                           on line 3224 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/www/delivery/lg.php"
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Hi nadia,

Check to below settings,

  • Go to Advertiser-->Advertiser Properties,
  • Under "Advertiser Report", Check whether two below checkboxes are ticked:
  1. Email when campaign is automatically activated/deactivated
  2. Email campaign delivery report.

If not,just tick on those checkboxes.

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