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  1. Hello How did you re installed the plugins? Because I had the same PB. I thought I had re install correctly but NOT. Tell mi how you did.
  2. Hello First of all, you have to re install correctly all pulgins!!!
  3. Hello Thank you very much!!!! With pearMail, it works. Thank's thank's thank's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hello Thank you for your responce. I did a script one week ago using the mail() fonction and it works well. So, if it works, I think that the configuration is good. Am I wrong? Thank's
  5. Hello Does anyone knows which email server is used in Revive? Does it use sendMail ? Thank's
  6. Does anyone knows which email server is used in Revive? Does it use sendMail ?
  7. Hi Eliza, In fact, I spoke about "Preferences reports by e-mail" It's checked but I don't receive email, as administrator... You know, in preferences... Thank you Eliza
  8. Hello all, Please, can someone tell me why I don't receive emails? Here is my report : Mar 01 00:01:16 +0100 OX-maintenance-5311153b87e1b [ error] OX_Maintenance_Statistics_Task_ManageCampaigns->run: - Reports disabled for advertiser ID 107. on line 133 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OA/Email.php" on line 56 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OA/Email.php" on line 1545 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OX/Dal/Maintenance/Statistics.php" on line 52 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OX/Maintenance/Statistics/Task/ManageCampaigns.php" on line 48 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OA/Task/Runner.php" on line 209 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OX/Maintenance/Statistics.php" on line 140 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OX/Maintenance.php" on line 105 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OX/Maintenance.php" on line 62 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/lib/OA/Maintenance/Auto.php" on line 3224 of "/path/path.fr/subdomains/ads/www/delivery/lg.php" Thank's.
  9. Hello My PB seems to be resolved. I re-installed properly my plugins... And it works! Thank's
  10. Hello, I have migrated from openX and everithing is OK but statistics does not calculated. I have seen in this forum that it could be names of tables (everything is ok). Plugins are installed (I think correctly). And I have no problem in the debug.log Please, it's important for me. Who can help me? NB : I am Frensh, so I could make mistakes in English, sorry.
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