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No Stats about Impressions.


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I have recently installed the  Revive Adserver v3.2.2 , I have created 2 campaigns. One remnant and one contract. Both are serving one banner. I have served these banners through Revive and they did appear on the site's zones. There are currently 2 websites and each site has 1 zone each.  My Current statistics reports say.:


There are currently no statistics available for the period 23-11-2015 to 29-11-2015


I have checked quiet a few solutions online about it. My maintenance is working fine. I have checked the logs in the /var folder. The following are the tables i have in my database:


rv_account_preference_assoc             |

| rv_account_user_assoc                   |

| rv_account_user_permission_assoc        |

| rv_accounts                             |

| rv_acls                                 |

| rv_acls_channel                         |

| rv_ad_category_assoc                    |

| rv_ad_zone_assoc                        |

| rv_affiliates                           |

| rv_affiliates_extra                     |

| rv_agency                               |

| rv_application_variable                 |

| rv_audit                                |

| rv_banners                              |

| rv_campaigns                            |

| rv_campaigns_trackers                   |

| rv_category                             |

| rv_channel                              |

| rv_clients                              |

| rv_data_intermediate_ad                 |

| rv_data_intermediate_ad_connection      |

| rv_data_intermediate_ad_variable_value  |

| rv_data_raw_ad_click                    |

| rv_data_raw_ad_impression               |

| rv_data_raw_ad_request                  |

| rv_data_raw_tracker_impression          |

| rv_data_raw_tracker_variable_value      |

| rv_data_summary_ad_hourly               |

| rv_data_summary_ad_zone_assoc           |

| rv_data_summary_channel_daily           |

| rv_data_summary_zone_impression_history |

| rv_database_action                      |

| rv_images                               |

| rv_log_maintenance_forecasting          |

| rv_log_maintenance_priority             |

| rv_log_maintenance_statistics           |

| rv_password_recovery                    |

| rv_placement_zone_assoc                 |

| rv_preferences                          |

| rv_session                              |

| rv_targetstats                          |

| rv_tracker_append                       |

| rv_trackers                             |

| rv_upgrade_action                       |

| rv_userlog                              |

| rv_users                                |

| rv_variable_publisher                   |

| rv_variables                            |

| rv_zones                                |


Is there something missing that i need to add/remove. Following are the plugins that i have : 

  1. apStatsGraphs                                                             
  2. Invocation Tags Plugin
  3. MaxMind GeoIP Plugin
  4. Banner Delivery Cache Store Plugin
  5. Reports Plugin
  6. 3rd Party Servers Plugin
  7. Delivery Limitations Plugin 
  8. Banner Types Plugin

I dont know what i need to. Please help fast. 



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Hi @valay,

Have you stepped through the troubleshooting?



 I have stepped through the troubleshooting documentation.

It talks about finding all records from the following table ra_data_bkt_m.

But i get an error saying that this table doesn't exist. I have run the maintenance script . I have also checked the Banner Logging Settings. Yet i don't see any impression Data. What can be the issue. 


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Hi @valay


Somewhere you have the wrong database prefix. Your database tables show that the prefix is "rv_" while 'it talks' about "ra_data_bkt_m" which indicated the prefix it assumes is "ra_". 

Apart from that, you also do not seem to have 'rv_data_bkt_m." table, which is actually mandatory to have. Are you absolutely sure your database settings are correct?

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@Ian van Marwijk

I checked my database settings. I cannot edit anything as there is a lock beside each setting. The prefix is rv_ in the settings. 

Currently this ad server is on an AWS Instance with Ubuntu , Apache , PHP and SQL installed. I have installed revive in a normal way as it was in the documentation. I will now remove the whole thing from the instance and re upload and re install. 

What do you think i should do ?

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It talks about finding all records from the following table ra_data_bkt_m.

Thanks - by default, it should actually be rv_ as the prefix, not ra_, so I have updated the documentation.

As noted above, though, there should be a data_bkt_m table of some kind, either with or without a prefix.

If you don't have one of those, then either the install didn't work correctly, or your database has become corrupted.

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I am trying to find a way to uninstall revive . Do i delete the folder and drop database or is there something more that can be done?

@andrewatfornax , I even tried finding the table with the prefix of rv_ but that doesn't seem to work . I am currently accessing the upload of the server files via terminal because i am hosting it on a AWS EC2 instance. 

Please provide for inputs. 


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