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  1. Best plugin for geo targeting

  2. Statistics Columns

  3. What is exactly not working? :)
  4. check oa_version from table ox_application_variable if it matches (4.1.1)
  5. Can it be that the provided backup is actually a backup with data from before the upgrade?
  6. How to know my Revive Adserver ID

    You really don't need to add the Revive Adserver in ads.txt ...
  7. How to know my Revive Adserver ID

    I think you misunderstood the functionality of ads.txt, it's for you to say that your <yoursite.com> is allowed to run ads from what could indeed Google Adsense, OpenX, AppNexus etc). Which means that you should host the ads.txt on <yousite.com>/ads.txt. And you put the records in from party's that you use, on your site. If you use the javascript tags from Revive Adserver, you should be all fine (don't use the iframe one). Long story short, you don't need to think about ads.txt in combination with Revive Adserver in your case.
  8. Wordpress and Revive?

    Actually, you don't need a plugin at all, just generate the invocation code, and place them in WP in the widgets (text)
  9. Revive invocation got http instant of https

    what kind of tag do you generate?
  10. Revenue meaning

    If that is what you agreed upon .. Yup.
  11. It's possible, you'd need to setup MySQL slaving.
  12. No statistics after upgrade

    I'm sorry, it's really difficult from this part of the screen to actually see whats going on. Also check if your database didn't get corrupt etc.
  13. How do i translate the script?

    Hi there, We have https://www.revive-adserver.com/blog/translations-for-revive-adserver/ for the instructions. Nevertheless I don't see the Mongolian language as an option to select. @Matteo Beccati Is it possible to add this language to the list ?
  14. No statistics after upgrade

    Are you sure it really connects to the correct database?