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Higher Frequency For Statistics Update


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The manual how to setup scheduled maintenance is down (openx and revive site)


In my Configuration > Maintenance Setting is says:


Maintenance Settings


CHECKED  Automatically perform maintenance during delivery if scheduled maintenance is not set up

Maintenance Operation Interval (minutes)     15

So how do I setup scheduled maintenance?

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for now Revive generates the statistics once per hour. Is there a way to have this done twice per hour or even every 15 minutes?


Yes, but don't. There are a number of serious consequences from doing that, and generally, you probably don't want them. (I will write that up one day in the documentation!)

So how do I setup scheduled maintenance?



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What are the consequences? 

Primarily, the consequences of running an "Operation Interval" less than 60 minutes were:

  • Greater load on the server (due to more frequent summarisation of statistics at a less compact level); and
  • Greater database storage requirements (due to more rows recorded)

but without obtaining any visible improvement in the user interface (statistics still only shown at the hourly level) and often reported reduced accuracy of delivery.

The intention of being able to run maintenance more often (with the associated change to the "OI") was that the maintenance engine would be more accurate, due to a better "understanding" of the details of what was happening in a zone - with the added bonus that campaigns would be turned off all the sooner when they hit their targets. In reality, though, many zones had far to little traffic to really be able to forecast accurately when the "OI" was less than 60 minutes, and any benefits in turning off campaigns sooner was completely lost as a result of the increasingly wild predictions for zone inventory that came with the smaller time forecasts.

In short, it was a good idea that completely failed to work consistently in reality.

The best approach is to accept that delivery will not be 100% accurate (although since OpenX Source became Revive Adserver, there have actually been a number of enhancements and bug fixes that have really made some good improvements to delivery), and just accept that you probably won't get any real advantage to reducing the "OI".

That's why I have resisted documenting how to change this - and in truth, I would hope that in a v4.0 release, we'll be able to spend some time to remove this feature & clean up the code base.

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