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Plugin Not Installed


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i tried all versions of revie adserver, without success. my problem with plugins. i always have a problem when installing my server. plugins won't to be installed.

can i download them manually and install them from administrator console.

if yes where are hosted.

thank you!

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I tried to do the install again, making sure to chmod the directories.

I ended up downloading the plugins listed here.


Then I went into the plugs under admin and choose the zip file I downloaded from above. 

I was enable to install most of those plugins and can see them working in different parts of the admin.

Since I can't find any help documents just yet, I am not sure what I am missing.

That's all I have so far.

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Just for completeness of this thread, there really should be no need to download the default Revive Adserver plugins from anywhere. They are included as part of the install/upgrade package, and should be installed/upgraded when you install/upgrade Revive.


If that's not working, please ensure that you take note of any errors that are displayed when installing/upgrading (it should tell you about all plugins that fail to install/upgrade) and look in the Revive Adserver log files, which will also note this and provide more information, which will help us figure out what's going on.



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Andrew if this is true then should I be able to see the files in an extracted list under admin/plugins ?

I am having the same problem and when I download the latest version locally and unzip the package there are NO plugins listed in any of the /plugin or admin/plugin folders.


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Hi @Lee,

No, when you first download the Revive Adserver package, there will not be anything in either the plugins/ or the www/admin/plugins directories. These are places where files are created as plugins are installed into Revive Adserver, once the core system is up and running. The graphical Revive Adserver installer takes care of installing all of the default plugins that are included with the package as one of the final installation steps.

All of these default plugin packages (stored as .zip files) can be found in the etc/plugins of the directory structure when the Revive Adserver package is first unpacked.

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