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We purchased a module from an outside vendor to do device targeting.  It worked fine for ver. 3.0.5 and 3.1.  However, when we upgraded to ver. 3.2.1, it stopped working.  Now it gives the error message:

warning.gifWARNING: The delivery engine limitations DO NOT AGREE with the limitations shown below
Please hit save changes to update the delivery engine's rules
warning.gifSome of delivery limitations reports incorrect values:
  • Unknown operator

Is there a reliable plug-in for device targeting?  It seems as though it should be a basic function of the adserver.  

IN response to one of my earlier posts, Erik Geurtz had suggested that a plug-in isn't needed to be able to device target.  However, we were not able to figure out how to target by device until we purchased the module. 

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Hello zFidel

It wasn't a plug in but a module comprising 2 php files uploaded to the plugins/deliveryLimitations/Client/ folder and 1 php file uploaded to the lib/max folder.  It was from a company called adservermods.  

Meanwhile, since we use device targeting constantly, I found a mobile targeting plugin from a company called reviveadserverplugin.com which seems to work well with 3.2.1  

I am still trying to get an update from adservermods but so far the update they sent has not worked.  Hopefully they will figure out a way to make it work on the new server.  Their module doesn't offer targeting for specific mobile device types but is convenient for those campaigns that need generic targeting of desktop, tablet or mobile rather than more granular targeting.

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