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Passback Waterfall

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I have went through the documentation and forums an exhausting amount and cannot find anything about setting up a passback waterfall in Revive which is a very basic and commonly used method of managing advertisers in an ad server. Essentially I want to set up a waterfall where if one advertiser is not filling, it passes onto the next like so:


Top Advertiser -> Second Advertiser -> Third Advertiser -> So on....


I do not see an option to set this up. I see the weight, but I don't want to set weights for the campaigns. I want to set a main and then have it passback down the waterfall until all my impressions are filled. Can someone please assist with this? Thanks!

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You might try using the "when no banners in this campaign use banners from that campaign" facility, described here:




Thanks for your response. The problem with this is that then I have to set up each banner as a zone which is not how an ad server is meant to be used. I would literally have to set up 15 zones, 5 advertisers for each of my 3 zones.

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Hi NickMcCandless,

I think perhaps you're asking about the option that's on the "Advanced" tab for a zone, where you can pass a request through to another zone, if there are no available banners?

This way, you set your "Primary Advertiser(s)" and link their campaigns/banners to the "Primary Zone". If for whatever reason, your primary advertiser(s) don't have any campaigns/banners that will fulfil the request for an impression, then off Revive Adserver will go to the "Secondary Zone" and look there for banners, and so on...

Does that help? 

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