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  1. For some reason when I pull the invocation code for a zone, if I pull asynchronous tag it does not work but the others do. I have tested this thoroughly and only the Asynchronous tags are not working. They were working fine before and I have not changed anything.
  2. I have a campaign that I am needing to limit to 65,000 impressions per day. I see the ability to limit the impressions, but isn't this the total impressions? I want to limit to daily impressions.
  3. My website has been navigating HORRIFICALLY slow according to Google Analytics large in part due to the ads on my site. I was recommended to use an ad as an iframe which supposedly loads the page faster with my banners, so I have implemented the iframe tags for my zones, but they also recommended doing Asynchronous for speed purposes. I am not seeing the ability to generate Asynchronous when getting my invocation code for the site. Please help. Also any additional advice on setting my site up so that the ads do not hold back any of the loading of my site would be very much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for your response. The problem with this is that then I have to set up each banner as a zone which is not how an ad server is meant to be used. I would literally have to set up 15 zones, 5 advertisers for each of my 3 zones.
  5. I have went through the documentation and forums an exhausting amount and cannot find anything about setting up a passback waterfall in Revive which is a very basic and commonly used method of managing advertisers in an ad server. Essentially I want to set up a waterfall where if one advertiser is not filling, it passes onto the next like so: Top Advertiser -> Second Advertiser -> Third Advertiser -> So on.... I do not see an option to set this up. I see the weight, but I don't want to set weights for the campaigns. I want to set a main and then have it passback down the water
  6. So just to verify, the settings you see in this image will limit users to viewing the ad only once per 24 hours, so 1/24, correct? http://postimg.org/image/m8d1uagub/
  7. I have the banner set up and have geotargeting applied as a limitation, but cannot find how to apply a frequency cap.
  8. I am new to the ins and outs of Revive and am trying to set up an ad with frequency capping of 1/24. How do I make this happen? Thanks!
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