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Revive Is Slowing Down My Vps

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So I recently have been doing a ton of impressions with revive adserver 1M+ Daily, but now Im going through some rough problems with my VPS provider. 


Here's what happens in a brief summary:

  • I restart the VPS
  • It speeds up my site all together temporarily
  • Over time it loads my ads on my publisher's sites slower and slower...

How can I fix this? Can I do some of my own configs on revive? I already called my hosting provider and they said it is something wrong with my code all together.


Thank you

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Your hosting provider is absolutely correct, although, this is a very wide question, and you did not even provide any details on the system that serves 1M impressions.

You should find bottlenecks - analyze CPU load, system load, memory availability, etc. You should also check limitations that you have set on your web server (max processes, and such) by monitoring your server with different tools.

I am sure you haven't exploited yet the optimization boost that can give you memcached, mysql query cache, xcache, eAccelerator, nginx, and a whole bunch of other approaches that you can easily find on the internet.


If the number of campaigns, zones, banners, etc, is low, then it should be enough 2 CPUs/4GB RAM with proper system settings to serve 1M daily.


Either way, what you describe sounds like Apache is thrashing as it reaches ServerLimit, try checking that.

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