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  1. I am running a revive ad server 3.1.0 version on my dedicate server. I changed the scheduled maintenance to 5 minutes instead of 60. Now the stats will not update! Help
  2. Sorry. Still gives me the same error once you login as a regular user. What do I do now?
  3. Hey, I was trying to change the root directory for revive-adserver 3.1.0., and I did. I went under the admin. And changed the ad server URL deliveries to the new directory, but it get an error message everytime I login. Error says "Error: File permission errors detected." Is this normal? How can I remove this? It serves the ads fine, but will they track properly?
  4. How do I create a popunder to open on a click? This is because chrome automatically blocks auto-open popunders. This would help due to the majority of internet users are using chrome internet browser. Can I do this?
  5. How can I do this? I have a html banner from adcash in a campaign, but when I create a pub ad zone for a popup, it loads a white scree. I want to embed the ad in the revive window... can I do this?
  6. So I want to boost my alexa rank for my site and my ad sever. I have an html ad banner, but it links back to google's adsense link, its a adsense ad. I want it to link to my site first on a click, then go to google's link. Make sense? Can I do that in my preferences? Or go into a script? Let me know. Thank you
  7. So I recently have been doing a ton of impressions with revive adserver 1M+ Daily, but now Im going through some rough problems with my VPS provider. Here's what happens in a brief summary: I restart the VPS It speeds up my site all together temporarily Over time it loads my ads on my publisher's sites slower and slower... How can I fix this? Can I do some of my own configs on revive? I already called my hosting provider and they said it is something wrong with my code all together. Thank you
  8. Thanks for your response. The clicks count on the adsense panel, but not in our revive ad server dashboard. We need them to work on both.
  9. Hey, I Google AdSense works and everything on the AdSense panel. But in Revive Adserver it doesn't track clicks and yes I set it to alter the html for adsense, but it doesn't work. Anyone know why?
  10. Ok, can you make a tutorial on how to add an Appnexus html banner with revive. since I'm sure a lot of us are using Appnexus with revive. Thank you
  11. I have an advertiser group that will be using our ad sever(Revive). And we need to link their banner/campaign to a large publisher. Once we link the new banner, does the pub. need to update their invocation code?Because their old invocation code didn't have the banner linked. Let me know.
  12. Here, I have included the Appnexus panel stats vs. revive stats for Today 12/28/14. See for yourself. The Revive stats for the site show the 600k impressions. As you can see it only says 6k impressions on Appnexus. As revive says, 600k+ in the other screen shot. Do you know Erik? Please look into this soon. Thank you
  13. Hmmm the stats are definitely not adding up still. 36k imprs. on AppNexus panel, 500k impressions on the Revive Adserver dashboard, why? Please help. Thank you
  14. I am running Revive Adserver with AppNexus ROS ad codes. I am using the html banner ad format on Revive Adserver, and the impressions are over 300k already for the site. But for that site on the AppNexus panel only 19k impressions? Weird right? Are the stats delayed by time between the code added on the site, for AppNexusto catchup with? Let me know your thoughts on this guys. Does anybody know why this happens or has a solution? Thank you
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