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Missing Target In Statistics


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Hi there,


we have been using a very old phpAdsNew for many year and wan't to "update" to revice now.


I installed it as a new installation, puted in all campains and banners, changed all banner codes in our websites, an so on. Revice is running good now for a few days.


But there is one thing our marketing guy is missing: The daily overview of target-performance comparison. I mean something like this:

a banner should be displayed x times and have reached y. 


Do I overlook anything?

Is there maybe a configuration, plugin, what ever?



kind regards

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Oh, thanks, this sounds not nice. ;-)

For our marketing this is highly recommend. Let me explain ...


We sell banners mostly by impressions and for a time period, maybe 20000 views in 1 month. The campain is defined as contract. OK, the adserver should deliver the banners as consitent as possible over the booked period. So there is a daliy target to reach. This woks very good with the old phpAdsNew and I think also with revive (I tested OpenX already a bit in the past). 
But we need this overview in the stats, how a campain/banner performs, how the daily target is reached. This is very important. Sometimes the a campain performs not good enough, we have to cap another, or vice versa, or to see if there is free capacity for aditional campains, for prognosis, and so.


I'm surprised, that there is no such fundamental report in revive, as it was in the old phpAdsNew.

No problem for us, to maybe pay for a plugin. If there is such one - I didn't found anything yet. :-(

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