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  1. The var folder including all subfolders are not accessable from outside. See .htaccess
  2. It is a http/https issue and chaning the invocation calls is not enough. Your banner images are stored as external links and they are still called by http. At first I would recommend to store banners locally in the adserver. Then they will automatically delivered by the protocol the adserver is using. Nevertheless you should use only https, on every site, both forums and adserver. properwash.com has a certificate, subdomain www not. Why?
  3. Not possible anymore. They have removed this way to track clicks. See https://www.revive-adserver.com/blog/revive-adserver-v5-1-0-released/ 3rd party click tracking is now very limited, revive nearly unusable, at least for some use cases. We are unhappy, to put is politely.
  4. I had the same. Error was thrown by reading the configuration file. It was not able to read or parse some values, or someting like this. I'd simply put some values (e.g. database password) in quotation marks and it worked.
  5. Found out, that {clickurl} is only working with own banners, something like <a href="{clickurl}https://www.google.de" ... Is no one of you working with 3rd party tags which are requiring a click param like in my example? Even if I understand the the security issue with redirection, with this change since 5.1.0 revive is definitly not useable anymore.
  6. So, the problem is the 3rd party adserver. This is taking the revive clickurl and putting it in front of the own destination url. Earlier the clickurl had the oadest param for redirect. This was removed. I understand the security issue. But I don't understand, how it can work now. "A new signed click delivery script has been introduced with an HMAC signed destination parameter, allowing customisable destination URLs while avoiding destinations from being tampered with by attackers." What does this mean? My question is still, if 3rd party click tracking is possible and how.
  7. Hi we have upgraded to 5.1.1 and click tracking is not working anymore. I found the relese note for 5.1.0, that something has changed with clickurl marco, but no advise, how to use it. We get most ads as JavaScript. Here's one example: <script language="javascript" src="https://track.adform.net/adfscript/?bn=43705390"></script> This 3rd party adserver has the param click for click tracking. So I create a HTML-Banner: <script language="javascript" src="https://track.adform.net/adfscript/?bn=43705390;click={clickurl}"></script> Well, clickurl
  8. Hi, there are huge, extreme differences between "Advertisers & Campaigns" and "Global History", "Websites & Zones". The last two count much, much, very much more. No, this can't be caching neither realtime, as I read in an older post. For example stats for "last week": Advertisers & Campaigns: 206,155 Impr. Global History: 383,589 Impr. Websites & Zones: 383,589 Impr. Clicks are always nearly the same. Where is the problem. Do I overlook anything? best regards
  9. We also have this problem. Running revive now for more than 6 months and it still underdelivers contract campaigns. I don't understand why this problem can't be solved. We were using the very old phpAdsNew, from were OpenX and revive came, for many years and this never had any problems with underdelivering. Now, the problem is very urgent as we created a few new zones for the coming mobile version of our website, putted in already running campaigns or banners and nearly nothing is displayed on these zones, maybe one impression per 100 pageviews. Is there any solution possible, in a
  10. Oh, thanks, this sounds not nice. ;-) For our marketing this is highly recommend. Let me explain ... We sell banners mostly by impressions and for a time period, maybe 20000 views in 1 month. The campain is defined as contract. OK, the adserver should deliver the banners as consitent as possible over the booked period. So there is a daliy target to reach. This woks very good with the old phpAdsNew and I think also with revive (I tested OpenX already a bit in the past). But we need this overview in the stats, how a campain/banner performs, how the daily target is reached. This is very i
  11. Hi there, we have been using a very old phpAdsNew for many year and wan't to "update" to revice now. I installed it as a new installation, puted in all campains and banners, changed all banner codes in our websites, an so on. Revice is running good now for a few days. But there is one thing our marketing guy is missing: The daily overview of target-performance comparison. I mean something like this: a banner should be displayed x times and have reached y. Do I overlook anything? Is there maybe a configuration, plugin, what ever? kind regards
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