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I Get The Message: "you Need To Enable Cookies Before You Can Use Revive Adserver"


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Hi, I'm trying to install revive on a new domain but I get this message at the second step of the installation: "You need to enable cookies before you can use Revive Adserver"
Everything is fine, PHP version, permissions ect. I get only that error to fix about the cookies.


I also noticed that my previous installation on a different domain gets the same error message once I try to log-in. I remember I could install it before but now I cannot install it and also log-in.


I also checked with different broswers and clear the cache and cookies but nothing looks working.


I have a VPS with BlueHost.


Can anybody help me?




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Hello. I know this thread is old, but I am having the exact same problem and can't figure it out. I tried the last version 3.1 and the 3.2-beta, same issue... tried many browsers, my iPad, turned off all the extensions of my browser (AdBlock, etc).

Where am I supposed to "enable cookies"? Server-side or client-side?


Everything else is correct: permissions, and so on.




Thank you.


The cookie domain was set up incorrectly on my server.

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I have problem when I setup revivead on my computer, too
I get this message " You need to enable cookies before you can use Revive Adserver " , but I checked my browser "it's not disable cookie" . I had to try other browser and I get same result .

I use verison 3.2.0

Pls, help me to find out.

Thanks .



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Hi Dave Brain, 

I have successfully installed the scrip to my server, and it's working well in last days. 
But now suddenly i have this (You need to enable cookies before you can use Revive Adserver) error message, when tried to login! 
Also tried your solution, but still i have the same Error, even when i tried with wrong access the error message remains same, i don't know why?  
FYI, My browser cookies is enabled! 
Note: On this file path: www/admin/lib-sessions.inc.php i didn't see "function phpAds_SessionSetAdminCookie($name, $value)"  in my ads script version 3.0.5. Please help to sort out this issue 

Thanks in advance, 

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