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Impressions Discrepancy - Awstats Vs Revive


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The statistics software I use for my site (AWStats) is reporting around 500,000 page views (impressions?) per month.


A single banner I'm now serving through Revive Adserver is showing up roughly 2.500 times a day, according to Revive statistics, which would mean around 75,000 page views (impressions?) in a month.


Such banner is not sharing the zone, so every single page view should be recorded for it.


How could one explain such discrepancy?


Thank you. :)

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1. Either you are showing blank impressions (i.e. banners are not appearing in the zone every time); and/or

2. You are getting drop off (i.e. people leave the page before a banner loads, so you see the page views in your stats recorded, but no banner impressions, because the banner didn't load in time).





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Thanks for your reply, Andrew.


I'm still trying to figure out why does this happen, though, because I have double checked the two points you mentioned and there is still a huge gap between the site stats and the number of impressions delivered by Revive.


Thanks again. :)

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Normally, I would expect this is because the page impressions are recorded at the top of the page, but banner impressions depend on the banners actually loading; when site performance means pages take more than a second or so to load, you'll start to get an increasing variance between page impressions and banner impressions as load time decreases.

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