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Found 9 results

  1. Apologies in advance if this subject has been covered, but i am in desperate need of some help. I upgraded from openx to revive and moved server at the same time, everything appears to working fine other than the statistics, I have the historic data from the database which i updated, the stats are being collected in the database but I cannot fathom why they will not show in the interface. I have set up a cron to supersede the automated maintenance option, ensured the cache has been emptied and it feels like i have tried every conceivable option with no success. Could somebody please he
  2. Hello! In the company I work for, we have been using revive (and openx before) for a while, and until now we used it in a very simple way, just selling ads over time (week, month) for a certain price, nothing complicated. But we want to start selling with CPM, so we need proper statistics, and I realized they are kind of wrong. If on a day we get 65k pageviews (from piwik, something similar from Google analytics as well), I should get arounf the same with revive ads. But for 1 banner displayed 100% of the time, I get 87k impressions, how is this possible? And even for 2 banners, 100% display,
  3. Hi All, Running your AD server, and our stats part is not reporting the analytics nor is it giving me a Excel files to download. Can you help?
  4. Hello Team - Over the last two days, I've had something really strange happen. First, my stats all of sudden began to work again and I even received the stat email that I used to get months ago. So, I was stoked.... But all of a sudden today, the ads stopped displaying. I've looked at the DB and it looks good, I've downloaded the debug.log and am not showing anything weird. I'll attach the last few pages of data on that to see if anything rings a bell for anyone. It seems to be dumping this every 15 or so minutes... Any help appreciated! Thank you, Jun 01 06:27:02 -0700 OX-maintena
  5. Hi, The statistics software I use for my site (AWStats) is reporting around 500,000 page views (impressions?) per month. A single banner I'm now serving through Revive Adserver is showing up roughly 2.500 times a day, according to Revive statistics, which would mean around 75,000 page views (impressions?) in a month. Such banner is not sharing the zone, so every single page view should be recorded for it. How could one explain such discrepancy? Thank you.
  6. Hello friends, okay? I'm using version 3.0.5 and apparently is working perfectly. However, I do not know why, some campaigns and clients, have data and statistics of views and clicks, but some do not have anything. However, the banners are displayed correctly, but do not generate statistics for some advertisers. What can it be? ---- Edited ---- Friends, I am doing a test. I had upgraded from Open X (latest version). With this, all plugins were used in OpenX. I disabled and uninstalled all well then (now). I installed again all existing plugins in the install file of Revi
  7. Hello! My employer has been using Revive Adserver for a long time (well before I started early in the year), where over the past couple of months I have been able to successfully migrate it to a new server and perform an upgrade to the latest version with no issues (at least, no issues with the software). A few weeks ago, we came across an issue where stats hadn't migrated for a couple of weeks, which was quickly fixed by running maintenance manually and adjusting its settings. Things were running with no issues until this past Thursday, where it looks like the server it resides on was r
  8. Hello, I saw a big difference between statistics on zone history and Website Video Report of the same zone. Zone History Website video report What can be the reason of this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Greetings all. Last night I installed Revive and had a generally positive experience - it reminds me a lot of the old phpadsnew product. So I set up some basic zones, a default advertiser, some remnant campaigns, and went to bed. Everything is serving properly, but I have absolutely no stats. I've done about 100-150k pageviews since then, so there should definitely be data. Did I not set something up, a cron job somewhere? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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