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Looking To Upgrade Due To Traffic

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I have a dedicated ad server that I use to host an older version of revive (back from the phpAds days) but the server can no longer handle the amount of traffic we have. We currently have about 200 million impressions per month. At this point I don't have the time to upgrade the software on my own, so I am looking for either:

1) A hosted/managed solution of Revive, if that's an option?

2) A freelancer that would be able to upgrade me to the latest revive and fine-tune my settings to be able to handle the traffic that we have


Anything that you can help direct me to get either of those options would be very helpful. My last option would be to look for any hosted/managed solution similar to Revive.  Preferably one which would be able to import my current data.


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My company offers Revive Adserver hosting, just have a look at http://www.reviveservers.com


If you migrate to us, we'll work together to make sure all your existing campaign data and statistics come along for the ride, and once it's on our platform, we'll do the upgrade for you (and all future upgrades). No charges for the migration, nor for the upgrades, that's all included in the price. And once you're on board, our team will take care of everything related to the hosting, all you have to do is manage your campaigns and site(s). And all of our hosting customers get the Dashboard plugin free of charge.


Just fill out the form at http://www.reviveservers.com/revive-adserver-hosting/ to contact us, and will be in touch with details about pricing and other practical items.

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Welcome to Revive Forum :)

You should definitely be able to serve way more than 200 million impressions from a single server. 200 impressions per month equals to only about 250,000 impressions per hour, which is pretty low. We have customers that serve over 1 million impressions per hour on one of our dedicated servers.

You are most likely not able to serve more impressions currently due to non optimized server for Revive, not enough server power, and possibly non optimized script as you mentioned you may need an upgrade.

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