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  1. There is my VAST TAG: http://www.festivaldelapoutine.com/regie/www/delivery/fc.php?script=bannerTypeHtml:vastInlineBannerTypeHtml:vastInlineHtml&zones=pre-roll0-0%3D1&nz=1&source=&r=R0.023106331005692482&block=1&format=vast&charset=UTF-8 I tried and I see the XML pages. It's like if the ad is to start, but after 2 seconds the main video starts. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, When I try my VAST TAG on this ad tester http://demo.jwplayer.com/ad-tester/ no ad is delivered. Is somebody facing this issue? Thanks
  3. Hello, I wonder if using google adsense (or other ad network) trough revive adserver will affect the targeting functions of Google adsense (or other network). In other words, does the request to the google adserver comes from the website on which the ads will displayed or it comes from my revive adserver? For exemple, my revive adserver is hosted in Montréal, Canada. If a person from Paris visit it, does the request to the google adserver will be made from Paris (where the user is) or it will be made from Montreal (where the revive adserver is) ? Thanks
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