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Found 9 results

  1. hello , i am hosting many videos at my wordpress site via jw player and i want to know about advertisement system of it , if find it it says Download the appropriate plugin for your video playerut when i download it for jw player what to do next i am confused please help .
  2. Hi, I am trying to provide a tag for video ads delivery. For that I created an "Inline Video ad" zone > I attached to it 4 banners of type "Inline Video ad" . I generated a tag as instructed here http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Invocation+code:+Zone+level#Invocationcode-InvocationcodeforInlineVideoadzoneorOverlayVideoadzone . Can I control the way banners are served? Now is only serving one ( the first one ). All attached banners are in same campaign and have same weight. I want to deliver them randomly on every refresh. Thanks.
  3. Hi Team, I'm a newbie to Revive Adserver. I have been able to install the ad server, but I want to generate a VAST tag so that the video ads can play on my JW Enterprise player. Any documentation how we can do that? Manohar
  4. Hello, I would like to use Revive Adserver and any relevant plugins to display my own ad inventory (initially) within my own Android app running on tablets within the controlled environment. This app ecosystem is closed. In a simple case just need to run/stream video ads within one or more app on tablets, count impressions and other standard activities.. I looked up documentation and installed the adserver 3.2.4 with plugins. However, it looks like this is webpages oriented server. Any ideas on how to use it for mobile app? If any plugins are needed please point me to the plugins. Thanks, Gene
  5. Hi, I would like deliver interstitial video Ads with Revive AdServer similar to the following link : http://gallery.smartadserver.com/smart-video-interstitial-2-outstream-ad-format. Can anyone please suggest if this can be achievable with Revive AdServer. If possible, kindly suggest the outline to achieve it. Appreciate the help Thanks & Regards, Badam Santhosh
  6. Hi all, I'm getting confused about how to set up and use Preroll with Revive AdServer. I'm using JWPlayer Enterprise hosted on my website, I successfully created the ads but as I ask for the Zone Invocation Code, it says Note: Zone invocation codes are not used for Video Ads. Instead, you must include the zone in the Ad Schedule of the video player plugin configuration in your webpage. Please refer to the Video Ads Plugin User Guide for instructions. I'm kind of lost... Thank you for all your help
  7. i would like to integrate video ads on my web pages using revive, i checked the flowplayer and jwplayer cost and also need to get OVA file to make serve video ads for my site. this is really expensive from my budget. is there any other solution? pls share with me.
  8. Dear Team, I am new to Revive Adserver. I have few queries. 1. I have video advertisements with me and some short films(maximum length of 30 mins). I want to add those video ads as mid-roll ads in the short films. Can I use Revive Ad server for achieving my goal ? 2. If there is a way kindly send me some reference links on How to put mid-roll ads? etc etc. Kindly reply and do the needful ASAP. Thanks a lot, Siran
  9. Hi everyone, Using Revive Adserver 3.0.3 I'm trying to deliver an video Ad(.webm videos), through JW player using VAST tag. But Ad is not getting delivered. Does anyone face this issue ? If anyone knows the solution please help me out in solving this issue. Thanks .
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