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  1. @andrewatfornax: Maybe it's integrated and it's a lack of my knowledge. Currently I can not address them as they are on vacation. Do you have a guess for me how it might be possible to address the clickurl inside an iFrame hosted on another server?
  2. Hi all, We have received a HTML streaming banner (served on another domain) with a sound on mouse hover. A straight URL for a Halfpage Ad. The only way I saw implementation was via an iframe. To track clicks I put a <a href="{clickurl}https://www.target.com" /></a> tag above the iframe which has the size of the iframe (through CSS, display: block; position: absolute; width: 300px; height: 600px;). So it's basically a layover for the iframe. Now I can create my own URL and the correct target URL. Problem is, that the mouse over to activate the sound doesn't work anymore. As the mouse is hovering over the field created by the <a href="" /> which coves the iframe below. Do i move the link behind the iframe the hover works but the click doesn't work of course. I have experimented with Javascript onlick to append CSS classes like z-index, so that in the moment of the click the link would jump in the front of the iframe and the click would work and could be tracked. Also playing around with the style pointer-events: none; didn't work. Of course the hover sound works but not the click (no pointer events). Lastly iframes do not support Javascript onlick. Airball too! :/ So I didn't really find a practical approach how to wrap a link around an iframe with an add served from another domain, while still keeping the hover possibilities of the animated HTML5 banner active. Does anyone have an idea? Thank you.
  3. Hi @Agrochaman, Great solution. I have only one issue. Banner that have sound on hover do not play the sound because the now there is a layer above it. I tried to add CSS pointer-events: none; on the a href but it removes the link of course (although the sound is playing). Does anyone found a solution for that? Thank you, sepa
  4. @Moderndayfreak: It's not dependent on Revive. You can fill i whatever file you like. Just look through the options like Generic HTML file. Everything you code HTML5 can overwrite the settings set by Revive easily I guess. Of course you have to dive a little in CSS and so.
  5. Hi all, I have a campaign that was running pretty normal for a month. It's still running good and is also shown on my webpages. Only the statistics page shows lesser and lesser impressions (while it is actually delivered). I went through the maintenance dialogues of Revive to see if there is a caching issue or a database hickup but everything seems fine. Any idea what this could be? (I'm an Revive fresh man) Thanx for help, sepalot
  6. Hi all, I'm very new to Revive but have some experience with AdServers like DFP and SMART (btw. a company horrible to customers). What was new to me is that for every additional wave of a campaign of an advertiser, I have to duplicate the banners. I have one campaign with two banners. After duplicating them one of them doesn't show the input fields on the "Banner Properties" and the other tabs anymore. The other still shows me the fields for the adtag and other input fields and textareas to expect. What could be the reason for that? Revive 4.0.1 Thanx, sepalot
  7. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a nice solution to play Out Stream Video Ads (video ads that can appear in an article flow for example) with Revive. I found this offer: http://www.reviveadservermod.com/video/video-outstream-for-html5-video-js-plugin This video explains what i'm trying to achieve: Thanx for any ideas, sepa
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