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  1. Hello Erik, Thanks for answer. So what is the solution? How should i track clicks? I have the ad on my server. So i have access to it.
  2. Yes. It is kinda bummer we can not track clicks. It's like the most important feature of a adserver...? I've read the Banner Link was removed in one of last versions of Adserver. But i can not find any explanation why and how to overcome the lack of this feature. Hope also someone will give a try to help.
  3. Hello I was testing today a little bit more. When i put {clickurl} into the banner HTML field in Revive admin panel it is replaced with the correct redirect url. But the issue here is that in the banner HTML field i have a iframe loading a HTML banner contests from a HTML file i host on my server. The contests of the banner is actually in the HTML file, not in the HTML field in Revive. When i put {clickurl} in the HTML file of the banner it does not get replaced. Maybe i am missing something here or doing something wrong? How to handle this situation properly to get clicks counted?
  4. I have installed Revive Adserver and added a standard HTML ad banner created in Google Web Designer. It is a HTML file with a part: <a href='((target__URL))' target='_top'><gwd-taparea id="klik" class="gwd-taparea-wjps gwd-gen-ceuwgwdanimation" ></gwd-taparea></a> In "((target__URL))" i have an actual link to a landing page. When my ad is displayed and i click on this field i get redirected to target URL. Also in reports i see impressions of the banner. But i do not get any click reports. In the ad type i choose "general HTML banner": http://polishwords.com.pl/blog/wp-content/screenshotUploads/2014-12-29_12-14-26.jpg I considered also to change to "DoubleClick/DFP" but will it help? How to track clicks for the HTML banner? Thanks in advance!
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