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  1. We don't see this bug in a separate install of v3.2.0 - not sure why. But I think we can consider this "solved." Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a bug with the date picker in the 3.2.0 version of the AdServer? We’re not seeing the date picker show up when creating a new campaign or editing an existing one. This happens regardless of campaign type. Here is a screenshot of what we see: Normally, when I’d click the icon for “Set Specific Date” the date picker shows up. Here, it doesn’t. It used to work in the previous version we had running…3.0.1 I believe. NOTE: The date picker works in other areas of the site...just not in Campaign Creation or Edition Pages. Any idea what might be causing it? This is rather critical since we kinda need to be able to schedule campaigns to go up and come down automatically. Thanks!
  3. PERFECT! You just saved me a ton of time rescheduling seperate campaigns!
  4. Hi There, I just upgraded to Revive 3.2.0 and I noticed something on the Delivery Options Tab for a specific banner. We have that scheduled to use the date options to put it up and pull it down over the next several months to avoid having to make a new campaign for each one. However, I see this when I go to that tab: Some of delivery limitations reports incorrect values: Unknown operator We're using the Time - Date option. The date picker works, but the select box above it only shows two options: is equal to is different from Yet, there are blank spots for 4 more. I beleive these used to be: is later than is earlier than is later than or equal to is earlier than or equal to Did these go away in 3.2.0 or did something not upgrade correctly? Thanks!
  5. Hi There, I see the User Access link in the left sidebar of my Revive Ad Server installation. When I go there and click to Add User I'm prompted to enter username to create. The next screen asks for EMail and Contact Name...but not password. I've done this before for a different user, but that was several years ago back when it was OpenX, so I don't remember if I had to set a password or if the system sent an email to the person so they could set their own password. Any help here would be great. Thanks!
  6. I'm finally getting around to trying to figure this out and I just can't wrap my head around how to do it. Here's a perfect example of what I want to happen: http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/ Notice the sidebars of the website have a clickable sponsor banner on them. How can I do this with Revive?
  7. I'd like to run Advertorials on my site...so an Image with a headline and short paragrph of copy with it. How can I do this so clicks on the image and the headline are tracked?
  8. I have not had a chance to test anything out yet. I'll post back when I do. Thanks!
  9. I have been using OpenX/Revive for many years...I'm very familiar with the platform...for some reason I can't wrap my head around this particular issue. I think I'll just try it and see what happens! Nothing like some good old trial and error!
  10. How do I generate the revive ad server trackling links for the image and href?
  11. So what would I put in as the HTML for the banner then? Just the DIV tag with the background image applied or do I include the anchor tag with the href set? I see there is a separate field for "Destination URL" - I'm just not sure how the two boxes are related or which one I should be the URL to be tracked into.
  12. Will Revive detect the link in the href of the HTML banner and auotmatically convert it to track the clicks?
  13. What other zone are you referring to that I should not link the companion campaign to?
  14. Can you explain further how companion positioning works? EDIT: I found this article which explains it well: http://www.openxtips.com/2009/09/tip-29-understand-companion-positioning/ HOWEVER - is it possible to display Advertiser A in Zone 1 and Zone 2, but let zones 3,4 and 5 pull banners normally? I only want Zone 1 & 2 to display the same advertiser if there is a banner being served to Zone 1. If not, Zone 2 should act as normal. So... IF Zone1 has Advertiser, serve that advertiser in Zone1 and Zone2 ELSE treat Zones 2-5 as normal.
  15. Would this change the output for every banner then? What if I just run my banner as an HTML banner and use CSS on my website to apply the background image - will the OpenX/Revive automatically convert the URL to track clicks? For example, if my HTML banner is simply this: <a href="www.clientwebsite.com" class="background-replace"></a>
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