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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, the switching of users, e.g. from a user to Admin is not possible. The site simply reloads the current page again, althoug path is http://www.xyz.com/xxxxxx/www/admin/account-switch.php?account_id=2 (or id 1). It is not browser not cache related. Any ideas? Cheers edertch
  2. Hello, I`ve got a question. How Advertiser`s, anyone who wants to advertise, can Sign up for their account`s with this application without doing it myself? For example. I want that these Advertisers who want to become for an Advertiser can sign up himself. Is it possible with this script? Or there is no such option for advertisers, if they want they can sign up otherwise they can`t. Thank you!
  3. Hi There, I see the User Access link in the left sidebar of my Revive Ad Server installation. When I go there and click to Add User I'm prompted to enter username to create. The next screen asks for EMail and Contact Name...but not password. I've done this before for a different user, but that was several years ago back when it was OpenX, so I don't remember if I had to set a password or if the system sent an email to the person so they could set their own password. Any help here would be great. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I'm using the revive adserver 3, and i can't find the place for add a new administrator user. Anyone can help me? Kind regards, Hermes Alves
  5. Hey there... First i would like to congratulate you People for the continuing of the Project as open source and free!!! Thank you!!! You're the best!!! I've been using it some years ago and it was the best! Last 3 years i didn't Need a similar thng so i disabled it and as i wanted to rebuild such a platform. So i tried to install it by the book... Installation with the Chmod permissions went right and the databases also worked but for some reason the System isn't asking me to create a "Master" user... So i get an clean Installation without any user to Login =D The databease seems empty too =( Did anybody Encounter a similar Problem? Might it be a solution simply to add one into the database?! I tried but failed =) Thanks in advance for any help! Greetings from Luxembourg Patrick
  6. For some reason, all managers configured in Revive receive those annoying "Impending Campaign Expiration" emails. Where do I disable emails for all managers? Thanks.
  7. Hello, Merry Christmas All, May I ask a question. Can I add more user account to login to Revive? Many Thanks. NT.
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