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Found 2 results

  1. I am running Revive Adserver with AppNexus ROS ad codes. I am using the html banner ad format on Revive Adserver, and the impressions are over 300k already for the site. But for that site on the AppNexus panel only 19k impressions? Weird right? Are the stats delayed by time between the code added on the site, for AppNexusto catchup with? Let me know your thoughts on this guys. Does anybody know why this happens or has a solution? Thank you
  2. Hello All, We have a private network of websites that serve about 10 to 15M ad impressions daily. We are currently hardcoding the ads on html pages but we would like to better manage ads by using the Revive system. To do this we would like to setup a 1-2-1 cluster (Something similar to http://www.sherin.co.in/openxcluster121/) This project involves the following tasks: - Installation of OpenX and other necessary software (DC will do OS installs if needed). - Configuration and optimization of OpenX. - Installation of MySQL and configuration of MySQL for a high availability. - Configure OpenX in a high availability dcluster - Optimization of server software such as nginx/apache If you have expertise in Revive-Adserver setup please PM or contact us at admin at trmedia dot ca Thank you.
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