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  1. Repyling to my own post in order to close: The solution was not to put the URL, but the server path into the config area in revive IP2Location plugin settings.
  2. Hi all, We are trying to use the plugin IP2Location for geo targeting on a city level (in Germany). Revive Version: 3.05 Plugin Version: 2.0.0 IP2Location database: IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY.BIN The plugin is activated and chosen as the geo targeting plugin for our adserver (admin settings). The location is specified in the plugin configuration settings and it's stored on a public path. In the banner settings / delivery options / delivery limitations we selected cities in Germany through the "IP2Location - City" element in the limitations dropdown. We tested the same wi
  3. Hi there, Is there a way to see reports of campaigns broken down by country and city, displayed in a table as all other types of standard reports? Cheers, Alex
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