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Non Aggregate Logging

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We have a setup where we have one 'website' with zones that serves on multiple domains. So we can see how well each domain is doing i need to break down the data again i was hoping to do this with referrer information that is passed when the ad is requested.


Currently it seems as if revive only logs data in an aggregated fashion using the 'bkt' tables. I can see there are tables such as 'data_raw_ad_request' that looks like it would have the information I would need. Is there any way to get data in to these tables?


In an ideal world I would just setup each domain as an individual 'website' unfortunately in this case it isn't really practical.



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Unfortunately, no. The "data_raw_%" tables are a hangover from the really old days, when data was logged in non-aggregate (i.e. raw) format - but the overheads of doing so meant that (for the vast majority of users), the software simply didn't scale.


So, we moved to aggregate logging.


I believe there may be (external) plugins available to provide some degree of functionality here? 

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