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Problems with upgrades from OpenX 2.8.9 (yeah, i know, it's been a while...)

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first of all i was really long absent from the development of OpenX and only learned about Revive-Adserver today.

I need to update my installation because i move onto a new server with Debian 10 / PHP 7.4 and also - at the moment - MySQL 8.0.25

I have read about the system requirements before and therefore i know this is not a supported combination. Before downgrading MySQL i wanted to quickly check of what happenened during the upgrade/install:


I copied my old conf file and it got updated with all new info. My database was also recognised. I received an Error though when RV tried to insert a new user into the users table. However, as the information was already there i am now able to login to RV and see all my previous campaigns and settings.


However, when i try to just set the language (it starts in en because that is in the conf file) i only see the first language from the dropdown in /www/admin/account-user-name-language.php and whatever i set the language to and save it afterwards, it comes back with the first entry. I.e. changes to the DB do not seem to get saved.


Is this an issue with MySQL? Because the DB can clearly be accessed as i receive an error when i change my credentials. I did check the rights of my db user and can access the database from the shell with same credentials.


Thanks a lot in advance i am really happy to see that the development of OpenX was and is continued!


Best regards



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As soon, as you do what you should....



This is on 

  • Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)
  • PHP-Version: 7.4.20
  • Server-Version: 5.7.34 - MySQL Community Server (GPL)


I just copied all from the revive-adserver.5.2.0 to my new httpdocs dir, copied my old config to /var, adjusted the mysql server ip (i am running the 5.7 in a docker container with persistent volume on my host) and the rest was 4 clicks.

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