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  1. As soon, as you do what you should.... https://gyazo.com/343c6a20e2cfbe9e2cd262999b67870a This is on Apache/2.4.38 (Debian) PHP-Version: 7.4.20 Server-Version: 5.7.34 - MySQL Community Server (GPL) I just copied all from the revive-adserver.5.2.0 to my new httpdocs dir, copied my old config to /var, adjusted the mysql server ip (i am running the 5.7 in a docker container with persistent volume on my host) and the rest was 4 clicks.
  2. Hi Ian, thanks a lot. I still remember @Erik Geurtscomments on some issues with OpenX 10+ years back. I will try to do a parallel install of MySQL 5.5(?) and see whether that works then. cheers, Marcus
  3. Hi, first of all i was really long absent from the development of OpenX and only learned about Revive-Adserver today. I need to update my installation because i move onto a new server with Debian 10 / PHP 7.4 and also - at the moment - MySQL 8.0.25 I have read about the system requirements before and therefore i know this is not a supported combination. Before downgrading MySQL i wanted to quickly check of what happenened during the upgrade/install: I copied my old conf file and it got updated with all new info. My database was also recognised. I received an E
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