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How to use click tracking in 5.1.1


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we have upgraded to 5.1.1 and click tracking is not working anymore. I found the relese note for 5.1.0, that something has changed with clickurl marco, but no advise, how to use it.

We get most ads as JavaScript. Here's one example:

<script language="javascript" src="https://track.adform.net/adfscript/?bn=43705390"></script>

This 3rd party adserver has the param click for click tracking. So I create a HTML-Banner:

<script language="javascript" src="https://track.adform.net/adfscript/?bn=43705390;click={clickurl}"></script>

Well, clickurl macro still do someting, click ist counted, but no redirect. Request-URL on clicking:


The destination url was added at the end, whithout separator, param, whatever.

What's going on there?
No click tracking possible since 5.1.0?
How to use clickurl now? 
Can/should we downgrade?

Please help.


kind regards




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So, the problem is the 3rd party adserver. This is taking the revive clickurl and putting it in front of the own destination url. Earlier the clickurl had the oadest param for redirect. This was removed. I understand the security issue. But I don't understand, how it can work now.

"A new signed click delivery script has been introduced with an HMAC signed destination parameter, allowing customisable destination URLs while avoiding destinations from being tampered with by attackers."

What does this mean?

My question is still, if 3rd party click tracking is possible and how.


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Found out, that {clickurl} is only working with own banners, something like <a href="{clickurl}https://www.google.de" ...

Is no one of you working with 3rd party tags which are requiring a click param like in my example?

Even if I understand the the security issue with redirection, with this change since 5.1.0 revive is definitly not useable anymore.

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