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Q: can Revive Adserver fit our use case?

Dror S

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We are a non-profit, with the following use case:

  • Only a single advertiser - us
  • Partner websites will define ad zones on their websites
  • For each page, they will define a "content area", e.g. "legal aid", and might send additional information regarding the client, if logged in (such as age group)
  • Accordingly, we will provide them with an appropriate ad or ads.
  • There's no bidding, no pricing, just a single advertiser...
  • A complication might arise because we would like to offer them the option not to expose their visitors (ip addresses) to us - client-side requests will go through an anonymizing proxy.


Could Revive Adserver be used for such a scenario?



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Hi tbobker,

That indeed answers part of my question - thanks! The other parts has to do with having just a single advertiser with no bidding; just a request from approved sites to "give me a {{zone name}} ad with category {{x}}".  Is that easily doable?




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