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  1. Can you try not using ad (banner). Just try creating a generic html banner with nothing in the field, give dimensions and a name and see if it saves.
  2. Have you thought about using the site variables in the delivery limitations section. You can target your banners using the variables and then make your sites pass as dynamic value into the invocation code. Rather than setting up multiple zones, just use one zone but with multiple site variables. This might be easier. See this link https://www.reviveconsultant.com/articles/how-to-dynamically-insert-an-affiliate-id-into-a-banner/ maybe it is what you need.
  3. Just search revive adserver plugins. Theres only a couple of companies offering this, with revive adserver core team being one of themn (https://www.adserverplugins.com/ I think)
  4. Did you manage to achieve what you wanted? There is a field in the html5 banner upload form that allows you to add a destination URL. Are you using this? Not tried it but I think you can use the click macro {clickurl} (i think thats it) and pass it inside your html5 banner, then when the banner is rendered the destination url is replaced. Can you provide an example html5 banner so I can test this?
  5. If you simply want to pass a specific logged in user value into the invocation tag for targeting then yes you can do that. Setting up a delivery set that includes targeting a key/value is possible. Is that what you needed?
  6. I just installed revive ad server for the first time in a long time, and I seem to remember there being channels you can setup to group your inventory. The tab does not seem to exist anymore or do I need to activate it?
  7. How far back does your reporting go? It sounds like you have a few years worth of data. You could remove all hourly reporting for campaigns older than 1 year for example.
  8. Do you want to click on a zone and see all banners that are linked to that zone? You can do that by going to the zone and clicking the tab linked banners and will show you all the banners linked to the zone.
  9. What banner type did you try to upload. Did you select upload to we server? Also check directory permissions on the new server match those in the documentation https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/plugins/servlet/mobile?contentId=9633896#content/view/9633896 Does a simple text ad show error 500?
  10. Hi Sudhir did you try creating a normal text ad to see if you still experience the 403 error? You also chose upload to banner to database, try using upload to webserver?
  11. Hi James, you can setup a banner and connect the banner to any number of zones from multiple publishers. Is that what you wanted?
  12. Can anyone advise if there is any plan to update the invocation code for video ads to return later versions of VAST like VAST3/4 or even just to standard VAST2 Do I need to buy a video ads plugin to get a more up-to-date video ads setup with Revive?
  13. OK looks like I didnt install dependencies. I guess once I run this on composer, I can then access the installation wizard. Install Dependencies In the Revive Adserver master branch: Install the Composer dependency manager for PHP; and Install the required dependencies for the development environment: php composer.phar install
  14. Hi just bringing this up again. I forked revive on git, cloned locally and want to develop locally but I am unable to install the development version / the cloned repository to preview the changes in various branches I create. Can someone advise on the workflow?
  15. I found two pages on the documentation: setup development environment setup test framework Can someone explain the difference? I am not really sure what the test framework should do? I was planning on installing revive on my server using git clone and then updating changes locally in my git repository, previewing the changes locally and then updating my server. Is this best practice?
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