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  1. Hi tbobker, That indeed answers part of my question - thanks! The other parts has to do with having just a single advertiser with no bidding; just a request from approved sites to "give me a {{zone name}} ad with category {{x}}". Is that easily doable? Thanks, Dror.
  2. Hi, We are a non-profit, with the following use case: Only a single advertiser - us Partner websites will define ad zones on their websites For each page, they will define a "content area", e.g. "legal aid", and might send additional information regarding the client, if logged in (such as age group) Accordingly, we will provide them with an appropriate ad or ads. There's no bidding, no pricing, just a single advertiser... A complication might arise because we would like to offer them the option not to expose their visitors (ip addresses) to us - client-side requests will go through an anonymizing proxy. Could Revive Adserver be used for such a scenario? Thanks, Dror
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