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Tracking links and hyperlink


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A client wants to add three links to their advert. One is the usual hyperlink  to their website, the others are tracking links, one for impressions and one for clicks. Where on revive t=do I add these -can Revive even do this?

I know it tracks impressions and clicks itself, but the client wants their own

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Hi @Kat,

With an HTML banner, you can put as many links into a banner as you like.

However, that's probably not actually what you want. If the customer wants to track impressions, then their banner needs to load a tracking asset which calls back to their system to record the impression. If they customer wants to track clicks, then the hyperlink to their site needs to actually be a link to their click tracking system, which records the click and re-directs the user to their site.

These, however, are not thing that you should have to worry about. If the client wants these things, they should include them in their banner - normally, you would just deliver their banner as they have created it.

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