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Multi banner uploads and auto name?


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Hi Everyone, 

I am new to the forum here.. I have briefly used revive years ago  (maybe 5+) and am back using the software again. 

Sorry if this question has been covered before - I have searched multiple ways but didn't see any relevant topics...

I am looking to see if there is a way to upload multiple banners at once (for argument sake - all of the same dimensions)  and then have the program auto-name them.   In my industry it is very common to get a dump of 20-30 banners per size per advertiser.  Entering them into the system one at time is very tedious.   I have seen there may be a paid plugin that might be able to do multiple uploads.. but I am curious if there is a native way to do this. 


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Hey Andrew, 

  This does help a little but setting up the test server to be able to access the api is a bit confusing..   I have no problem coding and debugging, but sys work has never really been my expertise. 


As it stands right now, I have been trying a couple different things.   I can duplicate the banner-edit.php page on my revive server (saving the view source html) and then adding a banner (noting the token, campaign and client ID's etc..) and submitting a banner will work. 


Ultimately what I am trying to do  is take that same page and add multiple "upload"  form fields (name=upload[]) so that they can be accessed as an array and then curl post all of that data back to the banner-edit.php page..... which isn't working 

Would you be able to shed some light as to why this may or may not work?  Honestly having to add and name all the banners one by one is going to be an ever ongoing looooong process for me. 




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