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Slide (carousel) banner?


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I don't know certanly is it right or not  I think, you have two variantes at last, if i understand what you mean:

1) If you want to make the banner that will be like one single banner, I mean that you have the few banners and they should be recognized by your ad-system like unit, you can use html5 banners. These banners will include css/js that are responsible for your carousel.

2) In other cases you can put this carousel right into the sourse code of your site, then create zone(or few zones) for it and then get the banners , for example for the asyncjs by this way:

<ul class="carusel_banner_list">

<li class='first'>

<ins data-revive-zoneid="{{new created zone}}" data-revive-id="{{your_id}}"></ins>


<li class='third'>

<ins data-revive-zoneid="{{new created zone}}" data-revive-id="{{your_id}}"></ins>


<li class='second'>

<ins data-revive-zoneid="{{new created zone}}" data-revive-id="{{your_id}}"></ins>



<script async src="/asyncjs.php"></script>

(if you don't know how to create or use a js slider, it is different question for other forums and internet sources).

sorry for my english.



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Answer above is correct:

1. There is no native support in Revive Adserver to deliver multiple banners in a carousel.

2. However, you can do this yourself, by delivering the carousel itself as an HTML5 banner. However, this will not record separate "impressions" for the "different" banners in the carousel - it will just treat the whole carousel as a single banner.

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