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Option to Add custom Class to IMG tag on banner

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Hi! I see that by simply adding "img-responsive" class to image tag on my banner makes the image responsive.

This is because I use bootstrap and "img-responsive" is a bootstrap class which makes images responsive.

Could Revive include an optional field to add custom class to image tag when adding new banner?

Or what Revive file should I edit to output images with "img-responsive" class by default?

Best regards,


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12 hours ago, andrewatfornax said:

I think you've self-answered this in one of the numerous places you've posted the same question.

I still think Revive could allow optional field for adding custom class when setting up a new banner. Flexibility!

Surely, I'll give contribution when I have money (maybe in some months).

Congratulations for the Revive Adserver. Thanks!

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