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Revenue meaning


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Hi @istih,

From memory, you can put certain revenue values into campaigns, to indicate what the revenue model is. Based on what that information is, the revenue for the statistics is calculated.

Great to hear you are interested in supporting us via Patreon - presumably you mean you want to do that once your project starts generating revenue, because Patreon basically is our main (nearly only) source of revenue, outside specific sponsored development projects.

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Hmm.. I'm testing CPM model and revenue in statistics doesn't make any sense.

Campaign is Remnant, pricing model is CPM, Rate/Price is: 10.
In global statistics, for 523 impressions Rev. is 0.93, but it should be ~5.23. Am i missing something here?

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here are the screenshots:

# Campaign setup

# Global Stats

# Campaign stats

# Website stats

Obviously, difference between global / website stats and campaign & advertisers stats is key here. Why number of impressions are different here?

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Hi @istih,

Presumably, you have (or had) other campaigns? These are the stats that you are seeing for the global/website view, which are not generating revenue information (presumably it was not set) - hence you're only seeing the revenue for the campaign you have set it up on.

The revenue for that campaign appears to be calculating correctly.

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