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User accounts for publishers / advertisers?


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Hello, few days ago I've found this amazing project and trying to be the part of it.

However I didn't find or understand user account systems.

Revive Adserver doesn't have publishers and advertisers separate accounts? (Like advertisers create their campaign and see their dashboard and statistics, publishers generate the code for their website and their CPM and statistics etc?)

If not, how user account works for this system? I do however added new manager account and it's pretty similar to just default admin manager account? It has all functions same.

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Update: Alright so far so fail, after trying to find something from hidden forum access (don't understand why it needs to be hidden) 

There is not such thing as publisher right? So this revive adserver thing can only create campaign and is that all? no user access control, no account types, no earnings and payment system basically like ..? hello?

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Hi @rnmkr,

The write up of the Revive Adserver account system is, unfortunately, still on my todo list  (https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/TODO) so I have to admit, I am a little rusty on the exact details. However, in short, I think this is the case:

1. Administrator Account - top level admin account for managing the global Revive Adserver configuration. Cannot perform any advertiser/website management.

2. Manager Accounts - top level accounts which can contain advertisers and websites. Allows separation of different groups of advertisers/websites - but for the group that they "own", they are effectively admins of all of those accounts.

3. Advertiser/Publisher Accounts - accounts that are associated with either an Advertiser, or a Website. Very limited control over what the account can/cannot do within that Advertiser or Website.

Please note that the Accounts are different from logins so, it's possible (for example) to create one login, and associate that login with multiple Accounts.


There's definitely no earnings/payment system out of the box with Revive Adserver - but there is at least one 3rd party plugin that I believe does this.

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