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Regular Maintenance vs. Automatic Maintenance

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I have one question concerning Revive maintenance, because it is mentioned that "regular maintenance" should be better than "automatic maintenance".

Therefore I disabled the automatic maitenance via  Configuration > Global Settings > Maintenance Settings.

Instead of this I created each single hour one Cron Job via my server through http://www.example.com/revive_adsever/maintenance/maintenance.php

I have now the following question on this:

a) Is the set-up of the "regular mainteance" correct?

b) Can I run both, enable "automatic maitenance" and also run the "regular maintenance" as mentioned above (or do I create a hick-up)?

c) Is it still required to integrate <img scr='http://www.example.com/revive_adsever/maintenance/maintenance.php' width='0' height='0'> into the sourcecode of the website where the banners are displayed, because I can remember that this was required for OpenX in the past?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Best regards



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Hi @tom83,

a. You can tell if your scheduled maintenance is correct by turning off automatic maintenance, and then checking in the admin UI after a couple of hours to make sure it says that maintenance is running correctly!

b. You can run both, but I would not. The point of running scheduled maintenance is to take away the need for the delivery engine to check to see if maintenance needs to be run, and then run it, during delivery of banners. It's more efficient if you schedule maintenance, and then turn off automatic maintenance.

c. No, there's no need to include an image tag to trigger maintenance. I don't even ever remember that with OpenX (or OpenAds, or Max Media Manager, or phpAdsNew...)!

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