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Can I give 100% of impressions on a specific URL to a specific ad?

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I've searched a lot and can't seem to find this answer, so I'm doubting that the functionality exists, but I'm asking in the hopes that maybe I've missed it somehow.

We've been using revive adserver for a few weeks and loving it. Some of our clients have requested that certain banners only show on certain pages of our site.

So, I'm using Delivery Limitations where Page URL is the URL they want targeted. That works, but it doesn't give 100% of the impressions on that page to that banner. When I checked the probabilities for that banner, it is always something low like 1.45%. These are low traffic pages (compared with the millions of impressions sitewide) and I want to give 100% of the impressions on these pages to these specific banners.

Is there a way that anyone knows of? I'd be very grateful for any help you could provide.

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