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[SOLVED] Banner not showing (https story)


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maybe this will save a lot of time for somebody, I am leaving my story here as guide.

I added new advertiser, new campaign, new banner, html banner was something like:

<a href="..."><img src="http://..." /></a>

then I saw my banner is not served (I check everything 10 times, logs, setup...everything...). I decided to upgrade RA from 3.2.4 to 4.0.1. Problem persist. Then I wanted to write my question here, but suddenly I remember if https is not issue. I got site on https, and banner is on http (image), so I try to go http://myadserver.com/1/www/delivery/afr.php?zoneid=1 and banner was showing! So of course I just change banner code to

<a href="..."><img src="//..." /></a> 

and now everything is working. It took me like 5 hours...

Anyway, it would be great if there is some message about this, for example in banner details - that this banner is not compatible with https or something...

another note - I saw you add Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/revive_adserver - of course I become sponsor. I want to inform also other forum members, but I couldnt find setting where I can set up my signature.

Thanks for this software!


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Hi @2ge,

Great to hear you got this solved - we have this in the troubleshooting guide at https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Banners+Not+Delivering+over+SSL as well.

A warning in the HTML banner page is a good idea! Would you like to create a ticket for that in GitHub?

Thanks for becoming a sponsor on Patreon too! We really appreciate that, and we're really happy that we're starting to be able to do more and more with Revive Adserver thanks to to the community's support.

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Thanks a lot 2ge, i was facing the same problem for hours, and your solution just solved it ! There should be a mechanism in RA to detect this kind of problem, as it's really hard to trace. Thanks again !

Just to be sure, is it also correct to modifiy the Generic HTML Banner to something like :

<a href="http://..."><img src="https://..." /></a>


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Hello, i have issues with SSL too. It is not for iframe but for regularly hosted banners in revive. Using JS tag is probably the issue. 

We have a mod_rewrite for http->https redirect.

So far i havent figured out how to exclude the revive file you mention in documentation from the rewrite rule. Can you assist somehow? Thanks

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Hi @ErikN,

We actually recently updated the documentation at https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Banners+Not+Delivering+over+SSL to specifically cover issues with the Async JS tag & the use of redirection. Take a look there.

We can't help you with your rewrite rules, however, as that's not within the scope of Revive Adserver - take a look at your webserver's documentation for that.

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