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Banners not loading when logged out of website

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I have gone through the install process and all seemed fine. I created two advertisers with one campaign each and one banner per campaign.

I logged into my website, opened a second tab, and loaded the website. A series of refreshes showed Revive to be working and the banners (in the same zone) to alternately load.

Two associates attempted to recreate the banner rotation, but the previous banner in the zone displayed each time.

I logged out of my website and found that the previous banner was loading. The previous link displayed when hovering over the ad even though the zone now contained the new invocation code.

Any help with this?

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Sometimes, when a page containing a banner delivered from Revive Adserver is loaded, the same banner that was showing on the page before reloading is shown again.

Troubleshooting Process

There is no troubleshooting process for this - as Revive Adserver is working as expected.

Revive Adserver is not a banner "rotator". It does not have any capabilities to ensure that it will display a different banner to a user every time they visit a page.

Instead, Revive Adserver is designed to deliver banners according to the requirements of the type of campaign in which the banner is located, and according to any capping or delivery limitations set.


This isn't what is happening. The previous ad AND coding, which no longer exists in the zone, is being displayed. Only the banners and coding that is saved in the zone should be displayed.

The issue is that Revive works when I am logged into my website, but does not when I am logged out. That is the issue.

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