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Huge Impressions loss

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Hi guys,

maybe posted in the wrong section, so here it goes again.
we're running between 1 to 5 millions imp/day.
There's over 75% loss impressions daily in revive adserver.

Revive is installed on a dedicated server running at 64G 12 cores.
The load avg during the span period is around 1.

Don't think it's a server issue here, maybe something not setup correctly in revive for optimal perf?

Anyone here can help us point to the right direction. 
Any help will be appreciated.


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just wanted to update we have activated the request logs to compare with the imp stats.
Even in low visits count (<50K) there are imp losses:
Website 1: Req = 49,381 -> Imp = 49,004
Website 2: Req = 8,017 -> Imp = 7,837

Website 3: Req = 46,523 -> Imp = 46,063

Any ideas.

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