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"Class 'Sinergi\\BrowserDetector\\Browser' not found" after upgrade to 4.0.1

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I performed a normal upgrade from 3.2.2, and everything worked except upgrade of DeliveryLimitations plugin (request returned Error 500). Now when I try to manually enable the plugin, getting error 500. The PHP error log would pop the error below.

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Sinergi\\BrowserDetector\\Browser' not found in /var/ox/lib/OX/Plugin/Component.php on line 64, referer: http://localhost/admin/plugin-index.php
PHP Stack trace:, referer: http://localhost/admin/plugin-index.php
PHP   1. {main}() /admin/plugin-index.php:0, referer: http://localhost/admin/plugin-index.php
PHP   2. OX_PluginManager->enablePackage($name = 'openXDeliveryLimitations', $reparse = *uninitialized*) /var/ox/www/admin/plugin-index.php:192, referer: 
PHP   3. OX_Plugin_ComponentGroupManager->enableComponentGroup($name = 'Client', $extends = 'deliveryLimitations') /var/ox/lib/OX/Plugin/PluginManager.php:504, referer: http://localhost/admin/plugin-index.php
4. OX_Component->getComponents($extension = 'deliveryLimitations', $group = 'Client', $recursive = TRUE, $enabledOnly = FALSE) /var/ox/lib/OX/Plugin/ComponentGroupManager.php:641, referer: http://localhost/admin/plugin-index.php
5. OX_Component::factory($extension = 'deliveryLimitations', $group = 'Client', $component = 'BrowserVersion') /var/ox/lib/OX/Plugin/Component.php:189, referer: http://localhost/admin/plugin-index.php

How to fix this? Do I have to separately install Sinergi browser detector...?

Thank you

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Just want to confirm that Andrew's assumption was correct. I just ran into exactly the same issue. I also was using the release file from GitHub. After starting over and using the release file from revive-adserver.com, the problem disappeared.

Thanks for the help!

Maybe it would be a good idea to add a prominent note to the upgrade instructions. I wrongfully thought that both install files were the same.

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