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Dynamic Allocation on Remnant Impressions


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Does Revive support dynamic allocation/competition on remnant impressions between network advertisers based on a floor CPM rate?

In DFP it is possible to have Adsense competing with other networks for the same ad unit spot based on your configured CPM rate.

Please let me know if it is possible and if there is any documentation on this.

The version we are using is v3.2.2



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Hi @Renji,

No, it does not. Although you can configure things like the CPM rate for campaigns, there's nothing in Revive Adserver that allows for ad networks to supply, on an impression by impression basis, what the CPM rate would be, so that you can select and display the banner that will earn you the most money.

Something like header bidding in Revive Adserver would be cool, though! I'd definitely like to see us work on this (or something like it).

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